Preface (Vol. 1, No. 1) 2019

Regarding several decades of active participation in different fields of geology in Iran, especially in northeastern parts, a team of our experts decided to publish an English scientific journal in the field of geology. Now, the time has come to publish the first volume of this journal entitled:


The reason why we preferred to publish such a journal within the framework of Geoscience Museum Organization has stemmed from the important role of the museum in the geological data documentation in one side, and the diversity of specimens, concepts, and trends of the museum tasks in the other side. Obviously we know about the importance and coincidentally, the difficulty of such decisions to make, but we believe that the potentials of the geology of Iran and people who contribute to this field will suffice to take such a risk. We would like to invite all national and international geologists to submit the findings of their research to this journal. We will sincerely welcome all the comments on the first volume of this journal as well. Efforts will be appreciated, and taken into account to prepare a better research atmosphere in the field of geological investigations.

Last but not least, let us thank all the individuals who have supported and encouraged us on this journey, especially the team who has helped the journal to come into existence since the beginning!

Jafar Taheri