Evidence of active tectonics and providing a structural model in Central Koppet Dagh (Quchan - Shirvan area)

Document Type: Original paper (Research paper)


1 Geological Survey of Iran, North-East Territory

2 Geological Survey of Iran

3 Islamic Azad University- Tehran North Branch


As  for  the  northern  border  of  the  Arabian-Eurasian collision,  the  Koppet  Dagh  structural  zone  has  experienced  multiple tectonic  events.  Due  to  these  recent  tectonic  events,  the  sedimentary  units  have  been  exposed  through  the  folding  and faulting  processes.  Currently,  a  part  of  the  Koppet  Dagh  structural  zone  (between  Quchan  and  Shirvan  cities)  has  been
studied to present the structural model of this study. In the presented structural model, the area is divided into two main A and B (northern and southern) blocks. The results of the study indicate that  B Block is tectonically active and is currently uplifting. In addition, the presented evidence has proven recent activities of this block. However, according to the evidence presented by the researchers, it could be assumed that the northern block (A) rose in the past, but now B Block is rising and popping up.


Volume 1, Issue 1
Winter and Spring 2019
Pages 73-87
  • Receive Date: 18 March 2019
  • Revise Date: 23 May 2019
  • Accept Date: 24 August 2019